Permitting Fee Details Released

Permitting Fee Details Released

During last legislative session, a bill authorizing one dollar for every one thousand dollars on non-residential construction building permits was passed. This fee is set to go into affect October 1, 2016.

 Specifically excluded from the collection of fees are any licensed home builder, as defined in Chapter 14A of Title 34, Code of Alabama 1975; any subcontractor working on a residential construction site including renovations to any residential structure; or any person or entity specifically exempt under Chapter 14A of Title 34, Code of Alabama 1975, except for subdivision (3) of Section 34-14A-6, Code of Alabama 1975.

The fees shall be collected by the entity issuing the nonresidential construction building permit and shall be remitted monthly to the Department of Finance, Division of Construction Management. The fee shall be based on the total sum of the construction cost of all nonresidential building permits issued by the entity on or after the first day of the month and to the last day of the month. The fee shall be remitted to the Division of Construction Management by the 20th day of the month following the issuance of the permits.

Over the next few weeks, ABC of Alabama will address any questions or concerns for members. Please email Margaret at and use subject line "Permitting Fee Question" to expedite our staff getting you an

We encourage you to ensure that you are using this new increase in estimating and project planning phases.