Session 2016 Concludes

In what some are calling the most uncertain session in decades, last week the Alabama legislature concluded this session.

Certainly the construction industry was abuzz with legislation that would create jobs and provide resources needed to add additional construction jobs. Unfortunately, shy of only an apprenticeship tax credit, all of those bills failed in the last few days of session. “Our association was extremely disappointed to learn that the legislature failed to act on prison reform, historical tax credits and possible infrastructure funding for roads and bridges,” said ABC of Alabama Chairman of the Board Randall Curtis. “Our board of directors currently has staff assembling a worksheet that will detail where various House and Senate members stood on issues we felt right for construction and right for Alabama. While the board will ultimately decide what is done with that information, I can certainly tell you our staff has been receiving phone calls from across the state concerned, rightfully so, about the tone of the legislature.”

On a brighter note, on May 9, both the ABC of Alabama Chapter and North Alabama’s leadership met to discuss a path forward in securing pro-construction legislation for the next two years. Both associations hope to have a proposed priority list to present to the two boards by November.

If you have specific legislation you are interested in your assoicaiton pursuing, reach out to Jay Reed at or Tiffany Brightwell at