Academy of Craft Training Update

Academy of Craft Training Update

This past summer, we all watched as the empty warehouse at Alabama Workforce Training Center in downtown Birmingham was transformed into a school. Just a few weeks into the school year, we have watched again as the school has been turned into a workplace for nearly 100 students from all around the metro area striving to learn the skills necessary to one day join our industry.

Thus far, students at the Academy of Craft Training have completed the NCCER core curriculum and heavily focused on their selected concentrations.

Masonry students have completed OSHA 10 and begun learning how to lay brick, as well as learning various communication and safety skills and industry-specific math.

Carpentry students have completed the deck, which is already being used for presentations.

HVAC students have completed OSHA 10 and started learning about refrigeration theory, air flow and core math skills. They have also had hands-on opportunities with taking apart an air compression and started learning about the working parts of an air conditioner.

Electrical students have been taught all about electrical safety and completed OSHA 10. They have also started bending and molding conduit and learning industry-specific math.

Welding students have learned various techniques and are still waiting for some materials.

Every day, students at the Academy of Craft Training are being equipped with skills that they will utilize for the rest of their lives. And with every skill learned, they become more equipped to fulfill the workforce needs our industry is facing. With this major task, we can still use your help. If you would like to help meet the needs of the Academy of Craft Training, contact George Pierce (, Charles Hall ( or Todd Walker (