Agribusiness and Construction Continue Talk

Agribusiness and Construction Continue Talks

On Monday, February 1, ABC of Alabama had the opportunity to discuss with Agriculture Commissioner John McMillian the workforce needs and shortage for construction as well as agriculture. “While the Commissioner of Agriculture is certainly tuned in to the workforce needs of the agricultural community, we have always found him responsive to the workforce needs of our industry as well,” said ABC of Alabama President Reed. “During immigration concerns over the last five years, construction and farming have aligned themselves together when discussing guest worker visas and the lack of manpower on our job sites across the state and beyond. This opportunity was simply about ensuring that the agricultural community in the state knew that construction was still facing the same shortfalls for workers and that any opportunities to work together to fill that void should be taken advantage of.”

 After the meeting, Reed concluded that it was certainly clear, as expected, federal immigration will not be back on the table until after the presidential election. At this point with the elections as close as they are, no candidate is going to wade out into this issue too heavily. ABC continues to have a strong opinion regarding immigration reform and the need for labor on our job sites and will be at the table on a federal level once discussions resurface.

Jay Reed with Agriculture Commissioner John McMillian