Featured News

Featured News

6/5/2017: Facilities, Directors & Constructors Conference 2017 date and location released... read more

5/23/2017: Academy of Craft Training closes year one with at least a 90% hire rate for graduating seniors... read more

3/7/2017: Historic Tax Credit legislation scheduled to go before committee March 15...Read More

2/27/2017: ABC Young Professionals application released...Join Today
2/9/2017: Craft training revolutionized in high schools...Read More

2/22/2017: ABC applauds members inducted into Engineering Hall of Fame...Read More

2/22/2017: Union membership data released for BLS...Read More

2/9/2017: 2017 Public works bill (HB40) opposed by contractors...Read More

2/9/2017: Construction work in prison legislation (SB59) can now be viewed...Read More

2/9/2017: Historical tax credits positioned to pass...Read More

2/8/2017: Legislative Update released for February...Read More

2/8/2017: Construction job growth rebounds in 2017...Read More

2/8/2017: Academy of Craft Training welcomes incoming...Read More

2/8/2017: ABC Networking Social event to happen in Feb...Read More

11/30/2016: ABC Board Tours Academy of Craft Training...Read More

11/30/2016: ABC Releases Merit Shop Scorecard...Read More

11/29/2016: ABC Student Chapters Compete in Dallas...Read More

11/29/2016: ABC Member Named Woman 'Who Shaped the State'...Read More

11/16/2016: Mid-Gulf Names Advisory Board...Read More

11/9/2016: Thank You to 2016 Excellence in Construction Sponsors...Read More

11/9/2016: Sporting Clay Tournament a Success...Read More

11/8/2016: Right to Work is Right for Alabama...Read More

11/1/2016: ACT Employees of the Month Announced...Read More

10/26/2016: 2017 Board of Directors Announced...Read More

10/26/2016: Mid-Gulf's Bricks & BBQ a Success...Read More

10/25/2016: ABC Partners in Perimeter Security Event...Read More

10/18/2016: Dividend Declared for ABC of Alabama...Read More

10/6/2016: Excellence in Construction 2016 Winners Announced...Read More

10/6/2016: September Construction Quarterly Held in Mid-Gulf...Read More

10/5/2016: September ACT Employees of the Month...Read More

9/28/2016: Permitting Fee Details Released...Read More

9/28/2016: Convention 2017 Notice...Read More

9/27/2016: Worlds of Opportunity 2016...Read More

9/21/2016: Academy of Craft Training Update...Read More

9/14/2016: Business Development 2017...Read More

9/14/2016: Mid-Gulf's Strategic Plan Update...Read More

9/13/2016: Legislation 2017 Takes Shape...Read More

8/31/2016: Academy of Craft Training's August Employees of the Month Announced...Read More

8/17/2016: Elevator Installation Concerns Surface...Read More

8/17/2016: Transportation Funding Eyed for Special Session...Read More

8/3/2016: Academy of Craft Training Instructors Announced...Read More

8/3/2016: Sales Tax Exemption & Public Works Projects...Read More

7/28/2016: Alabama Department of Revenue NOTICE....Read More

6/29/2016: Alabama Members Visit D.C....Read More

6/29/2016: Association Applauds Pugh...Read More

6/15/2016: D.C. Position Papers Available...Read More

6/15/2016: YP Direction Takes Shape...Read More

6/9/2016: Academy of Craft Training...Read More

6/8/2016: ABC Launches Book Club....Read More

6/1/2016: Fall Legislative Roadshow Announced...Read More

5/18/2016: Facilities Directors Conference Taking Shape...Read More

5/11/2016 Cornerstone Award Winner Announced...Read More

5/11/2016: Mobile to Launch Construction Quarterly Event...Read More

5/11/2016: 2016 Session Concludes...Read More

5/4/2016: ABC of Alabama Par-3 Golf Tournament...Read More

5/4/2016: Mayor Bell Applauds Industry for Safety Week...Read More

4/27/2016: Alabama Contractors to Visit D.C...Read More

4/26/2016: Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum Expansion Tour Opportunity...Read More

4/26/2016: Contractors Urge Senator Marsh Regarding Tax Credits...Read More

4/13/2016: ABC Vetting Coastal Bills...Read More

4/13/2016: Safe Day Winners Announced...Read More

4/13/2016: Two ABC Board Members Recognized at UA Civil Engineering Spring Banquet...Read More

4/13/2016: 2016 SkillsUSA Conference...Read More

4/6/2016: Student Data Bill Interests Contractors...Read More

4/6/2016: Prison Legislation Passes Senate...Read More

4/5/2016: Historic Tax Credit Legislation Passes House/Another Day on the Hill...Read More

4/5/2016: Association Experiences Unprecedented Growth...Read More

3/30/2016: Day on the Hill Recap...Read More

3/30/2016: Business Journal Touts Merit PAC...Read More

3/29/2016: ABC of Alabama Joins Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce...Read More

3/29/2016: ABC & AIDT Collaborate on Workforce Shortage...Read More

3/22/2016: Alabama Career Cluster Map...Read More

3/15/2016: Power Lunch Packs Merit Shop Loft...Read More

3/9/2016: Alabama's National Board Members Address Key Issues...Read More

3/8/2016: Top Federal Concerns for ABC Contractors...Read More

3/8/2016: Alabama Contractors to Gather in Montgomery to Talk Apprenticeship...Read More

3/4/2016: Latest Job Numbers Released...Read More

3/1/2016: South Alabama OSHA Director Talks with Contractors...Read More

3/1/2016: CDL Classes Now a Reality...Read More

3/1/2016: ABC of Alabama and Advance Alabama Align on House Bill 62...Read More

2/29/2016: Retainage in Alabama Being Discussed...Read More

2/29/2016: Sprinklers Front and Center for ABC...Read More

2/10/2016: Restore Funds Eyed By Gulf Contractors...Read More

2/10/2016: Agribusiness and Construction Continue Talks...Read More

2/8/2016: Department of Revenue to Host Workshops in Mobile...Read More

2/4/2016: Historic Construction & Design Projects on Exhibit...Read More

2/2/2016: ABC of Alabama Responds to CDL Concerns...Read More

2/2/2016: Historic Tax Credit Back Before Legislature...Read More

2/2/2016: ABC of Alabama Receives National Award...Read More

2/1/2016: Show Owners and Clients Safety Matters to You...Read More

2/1/2016: Don't Miss Power UP!...Read More

1/29/2016: FLIC Class of 2016 Announced...Read More

1/26/2016: Legislative Session 2016 Taking Shape...Read More

 1/25/2016: Mid Gulf Meeting Identifies Key Issues...Read More

1/25/2016: Mid Gulf Safety Roundtable Yields Results...Read More

1/21/2016: Nominate Your Craft Professional of the Year...Read More

1/11/2016: ABC is proud to introduce the new Mid-Gulf District Area Director...Read More

12/22/15: ABC Regulatory Alert...Read More

10/29/2015: What we learned from the ABC Safety Performance Report...Read More 

10/28/2015: ABC Announces 2016 Calendar of Events and Restructured District Map

9/5/2015: More work ahead for state's aging builders....Read More

9/2/2015: ABC Opposes NLRB's Joint Employer Ruling Uprooting Decades-Old Standards....Read More

8/31/2015: ABC Family Mourns Loss of Two.....Read More

8/6/2015: Birmingham Business License Ordinance Update....
Read More

8/5/2015: AWTC Announces Training Dates for August 2015...Read More

7/28/15: Participate in ABC of Alabama's Strategic Plan Survey Click Here

6/24/15: 2015 Davis Bacon Wage Survey
- On Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 9:00am the US Department of Labor will conduct a 2015 Alabama Building and Heavy Construction Pre-Survey Briefing...Read More 

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Day 1 - Safety Academy Part 1 - The Road Map to World-class Safety · Dissatisfaction with Current Performance · Leadership Commitment · Cultural Transformation · Deliverable - Transformation Plan for Company and Individual Day 2- Safety Academy Part 2 - World Class Systems and Processes · World Class Results · Deliverable - Transformation Plan for Company and Individual · Best Practice Systems and Process · Balanced Scorecard