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 Bill    Member    Subject    Committee Status
Last Updated  
 HB 66 James Hanes Fire protection sprinkler systems, State Fire Marshal authorized to issue permits to certain Passed  1 day ago  
 SB 405 Bill Hightower Tax credits, exemptions, deductions, enacted in 2019 Reg. Sess., or thereafter, expiration within fiv
 Introduced 1 day ago  
HB 574  Alan Baker Economic development, Alabama Jobs Act, incentives continued, cap on outstanding incentives, revised,
Engrossed 8 minutes ago  
SB 196 Arthur Orr Workers' compensation, additional penalties for fraud, restitution, termination of benefits, repaymen   Engrossed 15 days ago  
HB 345 Victor Gaston Historic buildings, income tax credit authorized for rehabilitation of
Engrossed 3 days ago  
SB 262 J.T. Waggoner Historic buildings, income tax credit authorized for   Introduced 24 days ago  
SB 200 Quinton Ross Employment practice, unlawful to inquire from job applicant information relating to arrests or convic
State Government Engrossed 8 minutes ago  
HB 487 William Poole Gasolilne and diesel fuel, add'l tax, Ala. Road and Bridge Rehabilitation and Improvement Authority es   Introduced 25 days ago  
SB 89 Arthur Orr Workers' compensation, employer liability for permanent total disability benefits after employee reac Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development Introduced 2 months ago  
 HB 40 Jim Hill Public works projects, bidding preference for local contractors, authorized, Sec. 39-2-6 am'd. State Government Introduced 2 months ago  
SB 59 Robert Ward Prisons, Alabama Prison Transformation Initiative Act, construction of new facilities
Introdced 25 days ago  
SB 302 Robert Ward Prisons, Alabama Prison Transformation Initiative Act, construction of new facilities Judiciary Engrossed 3 days ago  
HB 553 Phil Williams Employment, require employers who receive assistance from government to report relocation State Government Introduced 16 days ago  
HB 564 Arnold Mooney Gasoline and motor fuel tax, county commission authorized to levy up to five cents, referendum, distr Transportation, Utilities and Infrastructure Introduced 8 minutes ago  
HB 471 David Standridge Competitive Bid law, purchase and installation of heating and air conditioning units for local boards
Introduced 1 month ago  
HB 580 Alan Boothe State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, renamed State Board of Licens Boards, Agencies and Commissions Introduced 9 days ago  

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