The Alabama House of Representatives is expected to begin consideration of HB 487, by Rep. Bill Poole, R-Tuscaloosa. HB 487 is legislation that will provide much-needed additional funding to enhance and improve Alabama’s transportation system at both the state and local levels by increasing the state gasoline and diesel fuel tax.

Our crumbling infrastructure is an issue that affects all 67 counties and every single city in the state. Contact your legislator today and let them know that now is the time to address infrastructure in Alabama which will enhance economic development and public safety. Our legislators cannot continue to ignore Alabama’s crumbling infrastructure.

Counties and cities will receive funding from a $1.2 billion bond issue for improving and replacing roads and bridges with emphasis on safety, bridges replacement, and the enhancement of the state’s neglected Farm-to-Market Road System. The state Department of Transportation will receive funding from a $1.2 billion bond issue for state-maintained highways and bridges to enhance safety, improve congestion and connectivity, and increase Alabama’s economic competitiveness.

HB 487 also will provide the state and local governments with money to match and leverage any funding provided from the anticipated federal infrastructure program that is a priority of the Trump administration. President Trump recently said, “We’re not going to give the money to states unless they can prove that they can be ready, willing and able to start the project.”

Tell your legislator you expect Alabama to be ready.  (Click here to find your legislator)

Let your House member know that it has been 25 years since Alabama last increased its infrastructure investment, and we can’t wait any longer. Ask them to support HB 487.

Update: HB 487 was introduced to the house by Rep. William Poole in session on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.