Featured News

Featured News

6/5/2017: Facilities, Directors & Constructors Conference 2017 date and location released... read more

5/23/2017: Academy of Craft Training closes year one with at least a 90% hire rate for graduating seniors... read more

3/7/2017: Historic Tax Credit legislation scheduled to go before committee March 15...Read More

2/27/2017: ABC Young Professionals application released...Join Today
2/9/2017: Craft training revolutionized in high schools...Read More

2/22/2017: ABC applauds members inducted into Engineering Hall of Fame...Read More

2/22/2017: Union membership data released for BLS...Read More

2/9/2017: 2017 Public works bill (HB40) opposed by contractors...Read More

2/9/2017: Construction work in prison legislation (SB59) can now be viewed...Read More

2/9/2017: Historical tax credits positioned to pass...Read More

2/8/2017: Legislative Update released for February...Read More

2/8/2017: Construction job growth rebounds in 2017...Read More

2/8/2017: Academy of Craft Training welcomes incoming...Read More

2/8/2017: ABC Networking Social event to happen in Feb...Read More

11/30/2016: ABC Board Tours Academy of Craft Training...Read More

11/30/2016: ABC Releases Merit Shop Scorecard...Read More

11/29/2016: ABC Student Chapters Compete in Dallas...Read More

11/29/2016: ABC Member Named Woman 'Who Shaped the State'...Read More

11/16/2016: Mid-Gulf Names Advisory Board...Read More

11/9/2016: Thank You to 2016 Excellence in Construction Sponsors...Read More

11/9/2016: Sporting Clay Tournament a Success...Read More

11/8/2016: Right to Work is Right for Alabama...Read More

11/1/2016: ACT Employees of the Month Announced...Read More

10/26/2016: 2017 Board of Directors Announced...Read More

10/26/2016: Mid-Gulf's Bricks & BBQ a Success...Read More

10/25/2016: ABC Partners in Perimeter Security Event...Read More

10/18/2016: Dividend Declared for ABC of Alabama...Read More

10/6/2016: Excellence in Construction 2016 Winners Announced...Read More

10/6/2016: September Construction Quarterly Held in Mid-Gulf...Read More

10/5/2016: September ACT Employees of the Month...Read More

9/28/2016: Permitting Fee Details Released...Read More

9/28/2016: Convention 2017 Notice...Read More

9/27/2016: Worlds of Opportunity 2016...Read More

9/21/2016: Academy of Craft Training Update...Read More

9/14/2016: Business Development 2017...Read More

9/14/2016: Mid-Gulf's Strategic Plan Update...Read More

9/13/2016: Legislation 2017 Takes Shape...Read More

8/31/2016: Academy of Craft Training's August Employees of the Month Announced...Read More

8/17/2016: Elevator Installation Concerns Surface...Read More

8/17/2016: Transportation Funding Eyed for Special Session...Read More

8/3/2016: Academy of Craft Training Instructors Announced...Read More

8/3/2016: Sales Tax Exemption & Public Works Projects...Read More

7/28/2016: Alabama Department of Revenue NOTICE....Read More

6/29/2016: Alabama Members Visit D.C....Read More

6/29/2016: Association Applauds Pugh...Read More

6/15/2016: D.C. Position Papers Available...Read More

6/15/2016: YP Direction Takes Shape...Read More

6/9/2016: Academy of Craft Training...Read More

6/8/2016: ABC Launches Book Club....Read More

6/1/2016: Fall Legislative Roadshow Announced...Read More

5/18/2016: Facilities Directors Conference Taking Shape...Read More

5/11/2016 Cornerstone Award Winner Announced...Read More

5/11/2016: Mobile to Launch Construction Quarterly Event...Read More

5/11/2016: 2016 Session Concludes...Read More

5/4/2016: ABC of Alabama Par-3 Golf Tournament...Read More

5/4/2016: Mayor Bell Applauds Industry for Safety Week...Read More

4/27/2016: Alabama Contractors to Visit D.C...Read More

4/26/2016: Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum Expansion Tour Opportunity...Read More

4/26/2016: Contractors Urge Senator Marsh Regarding Tax Credits...Read More

4/13/2016: ABC Vetting Coastal Bills...Read More

4/13/2016: Safe Day Winners Announced...Read More

4/13/2016: Two ABC Board Members Recognized at UA Civil Engineering Spring Banquet...Read More

4/13/2016: 2016 SkillsUSA Conference...Read More

4/6/2016: Student Data Bill Interests Contractors...Read More

4/6/2016: Prison Legislation Passes Senate...Read More

4/5/2016: Historic Tax Credit Legislation Passes House/Another Day on the Hill...Read More

4/5/2016: Association Experiences Unprecedented Growth...Read More

3/30/2016: Day on the Hill Recap...Read More

3/30/2016: Business Journal Touts Merit PAC...Read More

3/29/2016: ABC of Alabama Joins Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce...Read More

3/29/2016: ABC & AIDT Collaborate on Workforce Shortage...Read More

3/22/2016: Alabama Career Cluster Map...Read More

3/15/2016: Power Lunch Packs Merit Shop Loft...Read More

3/9/2016: Alabama's National Board Members Address Key Issues...Read More

3/8/2016: Top Federal Concerns for ABC Contractors...Read More

3/8/2016: Alabama Contractors to Gather in Montgomery to Talk Apprenticeship...Read More

3/4/2016: Latest Job Numbers Released...Read More

3/1/2016: South Alabama OSHA Director Talks with Contractors...Read More

3/1/2016: CDL Classes Now a Reality...Read More

3/1/2016: ABC of Alabama and Advance Alabama Align on House Bill 62...Read More

2/29/2016: Retainage in Alabama Being Discussed...Read More

2/29/2016: Sprinklers Front and Center for ABC...Read More

2/10/2016: Restore Funds Eyed By Gulf Contractors...Read More

2/10/2016: Agribusiness and Construction Continue Talks...Read More

2/8/2016: Department of Revenue to Host Workshops in Mobile...Read More

2/4/2016: Historic Construction & Design Projects on Exhibit...Read More

2/2/2016: ABC of Alabama Responds to CDL Concerns...Read More

2/2/2016: Historic Tax Credit Back Before Legislature...Read More

2/2/2016: ABC of Alabama Receives National Award...Read More

2/1/2016: Show Owners and Clients Safety Matters to You...Read More

2/1/2016: Don't Miss Power UP!...Read More

1/29/2016: FLIC Class of 2016 Announced...Read More

1/26/2016: Legislative Session 2016 Taking Shape...Read More

 1/25/2016: Mid Gulf Meeting Identifies Key Issues...Read More

1/25/2016: Mid Gulf Safety Roundtable Yields Results...Read More

1/21/2016: Nominate Your Craft Professional of the Year...Read More

1/11/2016: ABC is proud to introduce the new Mid-Gulf District Area Director...Read More

12/22/15: ABC Regulatory Alert...Read More

10/29/2015: What we learned from the ABC Safety Performance Report...Read More 

10/28/2015: ABC Announces 2016 Calendar of Events and Restructured District Map

9/5/2015: More work ahead for state's aging builders....Read More

9/2/2015: ABC Opposes NLRB's Joint Employer Ruling Uprooting Decades-Old Standards....Read More

8/31/2015: ABC Family Mourns Loss of Two.....Read More

8/6/2015: Birmingham Business License Ordinance Update....
Read More

8/5/2015: AWTC Announces Training Dates for August 2015...Read More

7/28/15: Participate in ABC of Alabama's Strategic Plan Survey Click Here

6/24/15: 2015 Davis Bacon Wage Survey
- On Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 9:00am the US Department of Labor will conduct a 2015 Alabama Building and Heavy Construction Pre-Survey Briefing...Read More 

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Harrison Construction, 5870 Charlie Shirley Road, (map)

ABC of Alabama has significantly upgraded our membership discount and services programs over the last six months.  These changes did have a huge impact on your company and therefore has prompted our Board of Directors to hold business meetings in each district to ensure you are made aware of what is being offered. Below outlines what topics will be covered.

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Healthcare and Association Health Plans
  • Property & Casualty/Surety Bonding Program
  • Grant Opportunities
  • Immigration/Legislation Briefing
ABC of Alabama Homewood, AL (map)
Day 1 - Safety Academy Part 1 - The Road Map to World-class Safety · Dissatisfaction with Current Performance · Leadership Commitment · Cultural Transformation · Deliverable - Transformation Plan for Company and Individual Day 2- Safety Academy Part 2 - World Class Systems and Processes · World Class Results · Deliverable - Transformation Plan for Company and Individual · Best Practice Systems and Process · Balanced Scorecard  
ABC of Alabama Homewood, AL (map)

Course Outline: The training of project leaders in construction is critical to getting jobs built on time and within budget while maintaining client relationships for the long term. This Project Leadership Development Program was developed to address the specific needs of project staff who have great impact on project success. The primary objective is to teach leadership, communication and project management skills in a way that will keep projects moving and build bridges with field staff. Through a combination of educatio n, hands on workshops and self analysis, this six module program will help your project leaders improve their effectiveness both by showing them how to run projects more effectively and by providing them with the tools they need to improve their abilities.