Fuelz Fleet Card

Dear Valued ABC Member,

We have some exciting NEWS!  ABC has partnered with the Fuelz Fleetcard a division of McPherson Oil to offer its members a superior fuel program.

For over 40 years, Fuelz has been helping companies save on their fueling expenses with expertise, experience and the kind of service that comes from a one on one relationship with every customer.

The Fuelz fleetcard was created by a fuel company, not a credit card company.  Therefore, it doesn’t carry all of the high fees associated with other cards.  Fuelz tailors their fueling solutions for the specific needs of any size fleet.  It’s a customizable all-in -one fueling solution which saves your business time and money with its industry leading controls and reporting that empowers you, the owner, to take control of your fuel purchases.

What Makes Fuelz Better Than Other Cards

Customer report savings of 10 to 15 percent due to elimination of unauthorized purchases such as cokes and cigarettes and real time alerts identify and prevent fraud and theft.

No card fees, No transaction fees, No report fees and No annual fees. Unlike other cards.

1600 locations in the state of AL. 400+ sites in Birmingham Metro, 125+ sites in Huntsville Mero, 100+ sites in Montgomery Metro, and 150+ sites in Metro Mobile.

Detailed Fuel Reporting

Fuel Reporting

How Fuelz Benefits Association Members

Fuelz 2

Security and Control- industry leading controls eliminate theft and abuse

Fuel Discounts- all members receive Fuelz retail discounts on all gallons purchased.

Zero Fees- customers only pay for fuel they purchase. No card fees, transaction fees, or report fees.

Local Service and Support- your local McPherson Fuelz Sales Representative is there when you need them.

Member Rebates

• Association members benefit from the combined purchasing power of the entire association.
• Every ABC member will receive a $0.02 per gallon discount on gasoline and a $0.04 per gallon discount on diesel purchases. Discount off posted retail price.
• Additional sign on discount of $0.03 per gallon for three months
• ABC member purchasing 100K per year will save $4750 year 1.

Who do I call if I need assistance?

• We have a toll free number (855 GO FUELZ) for customer service
• You will speak with a friendly Fuelz representative located at our corporate office in Trussville, AL
• McPherson has Fuelz sales representatives located throughout the state to assist ABC members’ needs.

Can I purchase fuel anywhere?

• We have over 60,000 sites available nationwide. Use our convenient Fuelz locator app on both apple and android phones. It’s easy to download

How is discount calculated?

• Discount calculated off gallons purchased and deducted from posted street price.

Fuelz Discount

How do I apply for a Fuelz card?

• Go to www.abc-alabama.org website and click on the Fuelz link under Membership Heading.
• Call 855-463-8359
• Or email fuelz@mcphersonoil.com
• Mention you are an ABC member and promo code "ABC"

McPherson Oil  Fuelz