Session 2018

As ABC of Alabama’s Legislative Committee and Board of Directors begin to carve out the association’s legislative path for the next two years, district captains are currently receiving comments. ABC of Alabama feels that we can truly impact the industry through the more comments and concerns we hear from you regarding what impacts your day-to-day business. Over the next few months, we encourage you to include governmental affairs in your staff meetings, management meetings, jobsite meetings and even safety meetings. As a company, I think you will be surprised of what could come from engaging your employees in the legislative process. Somewhere out there is that one piece of legislation that could truly impact our industry on a statewide level. Please accept this challenge as a unique opportunity to be one of the decision makers in ABC of Alabama’s political path for 2018. Items currently pending before the board include: workforce development concerns, historical tax credits, coastal funding and economic development funding to attract businesses to the state. Please note that any of your submittals should be regarding state legislation. Federal concerns and issues will be taken through a different committee led by Jim Cooper of Cooper Construction. 
--Mark Mattox, ABC Legislative Chairman